Star Maker — Stapledon

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The ideologies of the super-tribes exercised absolute power over all individual minds under their sway.In civilized regions the super-tribes and the overgrown natural tribes created an astounding mental tyranny. In relation to his natural tribe, at least if it was small and genuinely civilized, the individual might still behave with intelligence and imagination.

Chapter V
Worlds Innumerable; Strange Mankinds




The Diversity of Worlds
(p. 56)
When the cosmos wakes, if ever she does, she will find herself not the single beloved of her maker, but merely a little bubble adrift on the boundless and bottomless ocean of being.

All this long human story, most passionate and tragic in the living, was but an unimportant, a seemingly barren and negligible effort, lasting only for a few moments in the life of the galaxy.


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